Summer Engagement Session

Last week, I was in New York for a weekday wedding when I got an email from Clarisse. She was looking for a wedding photographer and I had her date available. We scheduled a call and talked about her wedding next year and I couldn't help but get excited. We happened to be chatting on my birthday, so I was even more excited about a wedding! I love photographing weddings, so getting the chance to photograph another one would be the perfect birthday present for me!

We talked a little about what she was looking for and decided we were a good fit! Then came the engagement session planning. Clarisse's schedule would soon conflict with Carson's so if we were going to make it work, we would have to act fast. Clarisse is a school teacher and summer break is just about over. Together, Clarisse and I decided that the following Tuesday would work well for everyone. I'd be back from my trip and they would be available for photos!

Next, we needed to decide on the location. There are so many amazing locations on the central coast, so narrowing it down was a difficult task. I suggested some of my favorite spots, including the Jim Green Trail, Allgretto Vineyard Resort and even the San Miguel Mission. None of it felt just right to them, so they went searching for the PERFECT place. When a family friend offered the use of the Chapel on the Hill, everything fell into place.

To say that I was excited to photograph here is an understatement. I had seen pictures of the beautiful hill-top chapel, but had never had the opportunity to take pictures of it. We found our way around the winding road leading to the back of the chapel and enjoyed the amazing view! Despite the strong winds on the hill, we had fun and got some great engagement pictures. I am so happy they suggested this little gem, hidden in plain sight. I hope to head back up the hill soon!

Fun Fact...

The top speed of the winning car in the first U.S. race was 7 miles per hour in 1895. Can you imagine?

Linda Napoli is a wedding photographer on California's Central coast. She specialized in weddings and engagement photos in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas. Contact her today to schedule your session or inquire about availability for your wedding.