Chris & Natalie

Chris and Natalie were some of the most down-to-Earth, amazing couples I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect fit for my biggest wedding of the year.

I first photographed them at the rehearsal dinner where they roasted a pig and enjoyed a beautiful spring evening with family and friends. I couldn't help but notice how relaxed they were and how kindly they treated those around them. They went out of their way to make sure everyone (including me) was comfortable and happy.

The next day, we really got to know each other while exploring the hillsides in search of the perfect sunset photo and one tree in particular. Once we finally decided that we weren't going to roll the truck down the hill, we found the tree and enjoyed the most amazing wedding day sunset.

Groom getting ready
Bride walking down the aisle with her brother at Higuera Ranch
letters c and n at Higuera Ranch
Bride and groom walking down the aisle after the ceremony at Higuera Ranch
Bridesmaids helping bride get dressed at Higuera Ranch
Tearful bride looking at her mom at Higuera Ranch
Black and white bride putting on earrings at Higuera Ranch
Bridesmaids praying for bride at Higuera Ranch
cocktail hour cheese and grapes at Higuera Ranch
Bride getting dressed at Higuera Ranch
bride and groom at rehearsal dinner at Higuera Ranch
Bride and groom with bride's family at Higuera Ranch
view of main house at Higuera Ranch
Bride and groom at the alter at Higuera Ranch
mother and daughter at rehearsal dinner at Higuera Ranch

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