Moonstone Beach Engagement

When Pablo contacted me about getting some photos of him proposing to his girlfriend at Moonstone Beach, I was pretty excited. I have never had the opportunity to photograph a proposal, so this was going to be fun and new. We made a plan. I would casually stroll along the beach near the Seal View Beach Deck and pretend to take pictures of the birds and some seashells, all while keeping an eye out for that big moment. It was to be right at sunset. Perfect, right?

Well, traffic had other plans. Since they were coming from Fresno, we knew there was a chance that they would not make it in time. Thankfully, they were open to some other options for pictures. Pablo decided that he would propose, as planned, on the beach that night, no matter how late they got it. Who can blame him? I know I wouldn't be able to wait another minute! For the pictures...we changed our plan. Morning pictures at the beach for the win!

It worked out perfectly. Moonstone Beach was a great backdrop and the beautiful bride-to-be was able to properly prepare for an engagement photo shoot. They both did great and made my job easy!

Couple at Moonstone Beach posing for a picture
Couple posing for a photo at Moonstone Beach with hillside and rock in the background
Couple cuddling at Moonstone Beach
Couple sitting on stairs at Moonstone Beach
Couple cuddling inside a driftwood structure at Moonstone Beach
Couple at Moonstone Beach
Couple dancing at Moonstone Beach
Couple sitting together at a driftwood structure at Moonstone Beach
Couple walking along the beach at Moonstone Beach