Look who turned ONE!

Seriously? How did this happen? How did this little guy turn one year old already? It really feels like it was last week that I got the call to head to the hospital for his very first photo shoot. He's such a happy little boy and is really a joy to photograph. He doesn't always give me smiles, but he is very curios and always gives me just enough to make me think he's the most adorable thing (since my own kids were this little) on the planet.

I'll be honest. I was a little worried when I learned the theme for this session would be white...just white. I scrambled to think of ideas to add color and make it something different. Then I caught myself and remembered that I am here to create the images that MOM wants, not what I want. Now that we did the photos, I could not be happier that we used a plain white background. It was the perfect choice!

I'm so excited to watch this little one grow and I can't wait to see what his future holds.