Grandma's are amazing!

The relationship between a grandma and her grandchildren is like no other. They have a special bond that is just so amazing and can't be replicated anywhere else. This year, I want to celebrate that relationship and remind Grandma just how special she really is.

I don't know about you, but I really wish that I had more pictures of me with my grandma. The time for us has passed, but we still have time with your kids! These photo sessions are all about your kids and your mom! I'm offering these sessions at two different locations, both with easy walking access. Seating will be available and I'll bring a book they can read together. These pictures will make some of the most amazing memories for everyone involved. I can hardly wait to capture these priceless moments for you!

The first session is at the Atascadero Lake Park on March 27th. The second session is at the Jim Green Trail on April 10th. The Jim Green Trail has a longer walk to the photo location, so it might not be a good choice for those that require assistance to walk.

As always, if you need a different date or time, please contact me to arrange a time that works for you.