San Miguel Mission Family Photos

With so many places closed because of Covid and overall 2020-ness, the San Miguel Mission saved the day again when it came to family photos this year. The courtyard at the mission is closed as it has been since March, but they are gracious enough to allow us to photograph outside the maintained grounds. That's just fine with me! They have done an amazing job of creating such a beautiful exterior to the mission that I don't mind at all not being able to use the courtyard. That's not to say I won't be thrilled when they open it back up, but I'm happy with the small victories this year.

The Montgomery family has come to me for several years now and when I take their pictures, I feel like I am taking pictures of my own family. It's a wonderful feeling! The girls chat with me about what they like to do and they are sure to show me all the silly faces they have been working on. They always have some smiles ready and their playful energy rubs off on me just a little. We have fun.

I'm excited to photograph at the San Miguel Mission again! I always love coming out to this beautiful mission and I seem to learn a little more about the history and tragedy surrounding it each year. If you haven't read about the story of the San Miguel Mission and the inhabitants of the 1800's, it's an interesting read. I'm so glad the mission is standing today and families all over the Central Coast can come see the beauty from a time now gone.

To schedule your own family photos, message me and we can set something up!