Sunflower Themed Mini Session

I can't even describe how much fun I had with these mini sessions. One little one even had the exact same romper that I had available. It was a match that could not be ignored! But really, all the kiddos did an amazing job, despite the heat of my outdoor studio.

When I became a family photographer, I never really thought about offering mini sessions. Now, I can't imagine my business without them! I always have so much fun planning each one and dreaming of the next one. I scour Amazon and thrift stores in an attempt to make a fun, engaging and unique mini session every time.

Part of the fun is creating magic in each session. If you saw my back patio, you would know that it is anything but glamorous. It's an old (60 years old) concrete patio that has suffered years of harsh weather. The concrete walls of the house have been painted at least a dozen times and the overhang that provides shade for the sessions was clearly an after thought. But this is where I see the magic happen. The overhang is so large that it will protect the client and the entire set from the sun or rain. The walkway to the patio is covered as well, so my clients are offered shelter even on the walk to the back of the house. The concrete floor is perfect for me to put my floor backdrop on and the afternoon sun provides the perfect amount of light reflecting off the surfaces on the patio to light my set.

I'm so excited to have many, many more family sessions and mini sessions there. And who knows....maybe someday, I'll have a real studio of my own.

Sunflower Mini Session
Sunflower Teepee Mini Session
Sunflower photo session
Children's sunflower session
Sunflower crown photo
One Year Photo Session
Studio Sunflower Photo Session
Summer Studio Photo
Studio Sunflower Summer mini session
Sunflower romper photo session
Teepee with sunflowers
summer kids photo